By Lindsay Ward

TARENTUM (KDKA) — A man was rescued from the roof of a burning duplex in Tarentum early Monday morning.

“I was so scared, afraid for him,” said neighbor Marylou Gohn.

Gohn watched from her back porch as firefighters battled the second-alarm fire on Conroy Way in Tarentum.

She says she first heard glass breaking around 4 a.m.

(Photo Credit: Lindsay Ward/KDKA)

“I saw the whole downstairs was full of orange flame and smoke everywhere,” said Gohn.

She tells KDKA she saw her neighbor on his porch roof yelling for help and for someone to call 911.

Gohn quickly woke her husband up.

“So he come over here to the corner house and started to drag a ladder. He was dragging his ladder to help him get off his roof because they were asking him to jump, and he says I can’t,” said Gohn.

Tarentum Police showed up soon after and were able to rescue the man.

“They were able to work together and coax him down from the roof. Which they had some extreme circumstances of bringing him down. There was a lot of fire coming out of the front of the building, a lot of smoke,” said Summit Hose Fire Company Chief Joshua Fox.

“That was our morning, I’m just glad that everybody is okay,” said Gohn.

The fire marshal is investigating the cause.