WEST MIFFLIN (KDKA) — It’s the sights and sounds of Kennywood Park that draws visitors in. From rollercoasters to games to potato patch fries, there’s a favorite for everyone.

But for many people who visited the park Friday, it wasn’t the Kennywood they were used to.

“You pay a lot of money to come in and the value just wasn’t there, it was very disappointing,” said Mark Alaia, Kennywood visitor.

Alaia went to the park with his family for a school picnic, but he was shocked to see multiple rides closed as well as some concession stands and gift shops.

“I feel that because of the lesser number of rides that were open, the lines were longer, and because of that, I only got to ride four rides all day, my daughter only rode four rides,” said Alaia.

Several other people leaving the park had similar experiences.

“I’m very, very upset to the fact that I’ve spent over $140- $160 and we didn’t get to have fun today at all,” said Kennywood Park visitor, Melody Waters.

A spokesperson for Kennywood, Nick Paradise, told KDKA News that the rides and concession stands gradually open throughout the day, as more visitors come in.

The increasing challenge the park is facing, according to Paradise, is not having enough staff members. Paradise says the park raised wages, hired international workers and added more interns, but the park is still struggling trying to fill positions.

Some park visitors said they would like to see a notice of what is closed before entering the park, while others would like some sort of refund.

“I don’t see coming back this summer, no. If half the rides are closed, maybe discount the price,” said Alaia.