PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Two men were arrested after they tried to sell stolen merchandise to a Pittsburgh police officer.

An undercover police officer was working an unrelated investigation on Baum Boulevard and South Highland Avenue when he said two men walked up to him.

Douglas Frantz, 40, had a pillowcase slung over his shoulder and was with Samuel Gould, 36.

The police officer said Frantz asked if he wanted to buy some tools.

In a Facebook post, the police report that the officer’s “spider-senses told him something was awry.”

The officer asked where the goods had come from, and Frantz said that the tools were brand new.

Frantz and Gould led the officer around the corner and revealed the contents of the pillowcase: two drills, both with the Home Depot tags still attached.

Knowing that the men were selling stolen merchandise, the the undercover police officer identified himself.

Frantz and Gould took off running, but the officer and his partners were close behind and caught up with the suspects.

The police found Frantz to have seven prior retail convictions and Gould had two outstanding warrants.

The drills, still in their boxes, were returned to Home Depot.