BETHLEHEM, Pa. (KDKA) — A Pennsylvania police department had quite the weekend, tracking down what they call a “skinny dipping bare,” or well, black bear.

According to the Bethlehem Police Department, the young black bear was first spotted running through yards and climbing over fences.

(Source: Bethlehem Police Department/Facebook)

Police say “the bear apparently became hot and decided to take a dip in a nearby swimming pool.”

The state Game Commission was called in, and eventually officers managed to corral the bear in a yard and tranquilize it.

(Source: Bethlehem Police Department/Facebook)

The bear was checked over as a precaution, but was not injured from his romp.

The Game Commission loaded him up and safely relocated him to a wooded area in north central Pennsylvania, “where the pools are called swamps and there are hundreds of acres of woodland.”

The Bethlehem Police Department say they’re thankful the incident didn’t turn into “panda-monium.”