PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A new sign downtown says “No Hate Anytime,” but some social media users are hating on it, wondering how much it cost.

About 25 of these new signs put up across downtown last month are meant to inspire kindness and discourage hate.

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But after the city’s announcement, some people on social media weren’t feeling the love.

One Twitter user wrote, “That’s great. How about contracts for Pittsburgh Fire Fighters?”

(Credit: KDKA/Twitter)

Another person online said, “I don’t mind the messages, but is this what we need to be spending taxpayer money on? I’d rather have pothole-free roads.”

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(Credit: KDKA/Twitter)

“The mayor thought it would be fun to do sort of a viral thing, telling people to be kind and not hate each other,” says Tim McNulty, the communications director for Mayor Peduto. “And to celebrate the life of Mister Rogers.”

And, McNulty says, the mayor and his staff didn’t spend any funds.

“These signs were made by our sign department that we have — using existing manpower, existing materials. They did it in one day,” he says. “There’s only 25 of these signs, basically there was no cost.”

Nevertheless, some folks say they like the signs — zero cost or not.

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“I mean, I pay taxes, I appreciate it,” one man told KDKA. “I don’t mind it at all.”

Meghan Schiller