PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Friday started a busy weekend in downtown Pittsburgh. Both Pittsburgh Pride and The Three Rivers Arts Festival kicked off with concerts.

“It’s a nice night to get out. We’ve been in the house for so long. We finally got some good weather to get out and enjoy it,” Janelle Lowry told KDKA as she enjoyed the India Arie concert in Point State Park.

The multi-time Grammy winner packed the Arts Festival. She brought people to their feet with her message of love and peace.

“To have it in the City of Pittsburgh free of charge for all of us to enjoy under the blue skies with all the festivities of the Arts Festival,” Shelia Beasley said. “It couldn’t get any better.”

Not too far up the road in downtown, the message of love was seen at Pittsburgh Pride. Concert-goers arrived hours early to see Walk the Moon.

“We bought the tickets I think the day that they went on sale. So, we’ve been excited since the beginning. I’m really happy they’re playing,” Janet Broniecki said. “Their light show is spectacular.”

Hundreds partied in front of the stage on Fort Duquesne Blvd. after waiting in line before the gates opened at 6:00 p.m.

“You can like all different kinds of music, but when you’re out on the street dancing, you just have fun with each other,” Delta Foundation Director of Marketing and Development Christine Bryan said.

With thousands of people in downtown, Pittsburgh Police had officers patrolling are the Pride Concert and Arts Festival. They start planning months in advance for weeks like this one. According to the police, a public safety tent is at Arts Festival and a command center will be at Pride.

“Between our officers, our partners with the sheriff’s department, and all the security guards we have downtown really well covered,” Commander Jason Lando told KDKA.

All these activities do have roads closed this week. You can view a full list here.