PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A South Side house’s crumbling foundation has caused it to lean onto the home next door.

It’s easy to look twice when passing the big gray house in Pittsburgh’s South Side neighborhood that now sits at an angle and is leaning heavily on the brick home next door.

You can’t miss the “danger” signs posted on both structures, the broken siding and ivy covering its front.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

The city condemned the house, posting an “imminent danger” sign on it, back in February.

KDKA spoke to people who work nearby about it on South 25th Street. They say every day for the past few months they could hear cracking noises and noticed the house moving.

They, along with some neighbors in the area, expressed concern.

KDKA’s Lindsay Ward called the city to find out what’s happening. Maura Kennedy, the director for the Department of Permits, Licenses and Inspections, tells KDKA by phone, there is no danger to the public. She says the owner recently put up a fence, which surrounds the entire property, as a safety concern.

Kennedy says it’s not uncommon for homes that are structurally deficient to lean.

She claims the city typically demolishes around 100 houses a year, but as for the one house and the buildings next door, the owner will be taking care of it.

Kennedy says that will save taxpayers money.

And the city says even though the property is the owner’s responsibility, they did ask them to speed up the process because of the condition of the buildings.