PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Why did the sunny day feel so nice today? Probably because we have seen very few of them, this year.

“Few” may be a great description of how many sunny days 2019 has been able to produce.

To date, not including today’s sunshine, since the climate report is not in, we have ONLY had five days in Pittsburgh that would be classified as “clear”. That’s it.

A clear day is considered a day that has 30-percent or less of the day had cloud cover, from sunrise to sunset.

On the other hand, Pittsburgh has seen 73 days that were considered cloudy. A cloudy day is defined as one that has cloud cover for 80-percent or more of the day.

All the other days fell somewhere in between in the “partly cloudy” category.

When takes until June to get your sixth “clear” day of the year, you bet that sunshine will feel nice!

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