PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Costco shoppers should check their freezers after a recall alert.

The FDA says frozen berries sold at Costco have been recalled.

The recall is for the Three Berry Blend from Townsend Farms sold in San Diego and Los Angeles as well as Hawaii.

Concerns over possible Hepatitis A contamination prompted the recall.

None of the products have tested positive for the disease and no illnesses related to the product have been reported so far. The recall was a move of an abundance of caution.

The product has a Best By date between Feb. 16 and May 4, 2020.

A full list of products affected can be found below:

  • FEB1620,(A),(B),(C),(D),(E),(F),(G), or (H);
  • FEB1820,(A),(B),(C),or (D);
  • FEB2920,(A),(B),(C),or (D);
  • MAR0120,(A),(B),(C),or (D);
  • APR1920,(B),(C), or (D);
  • APR2020(A),(B),(C),(D),(E), or (F);
  • APR2720(A),(B),(C),(D),(E),(F),(G), or (H);
  • APR2820(A),(B),(C),(D),(E),(F),(G), or (H);
  • MAY0220(A),(B),(C),(D),(E),(F),(G), or (H);
  • MAY0420 (H)

People who have bought the bag should not eat the berries. The FDA says people should take a picture of the bag, dispose of it then contact their local Costco for a full refund.