PITTSBURGH (KDKA)– A Scottish man spoke to the Pittsburgh City Council to argue that “Pittsburgh” is being pronounced incorrectly.

Earlier today, Robert Thomson proposed to the council that people should properly pronounce the word with a Scottish tone.

According to our news partner the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Thomson argued that “The founder of Pittsburgh, General John Forbes, was a Scot, and he intended it that way.”

Councilman Anthony Coghill, who also has Scottish ancestry, supported Thomson’s debate.

Twitter users made the connection that Pittsburgh should be pronounced Pittsboro, similar to Edinboro which is also a Scottish word.

It doesn’t seem like the change will be happening any time soon though.

Comments (2)
  1. Wry Grin says:

    Everybody knows it’s pronounced “Picksburgh”.

  2. jerry Kruth says:

    A pub-owning Scotsman in DENMARK once benignly assailed me on this.

    Edinburgh in Scotland is pronounced as Edinboro. jk

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