PITTSBURGH (KDKA)– For people who have a vehicle stored inside a warehouse where there was a massive fire, they have been waiting for this day. It took five weeks for them to get their car back.

“It’s like seeing the Titanic being raised. You see what it looks like coming up,” said Michael Boretsky.

One by one, from luxury to sporty, vehicles were being driven or towed out this morning.


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“The paints the main thing, I mean the detail may be close to a thousand, but a paint job will be $15-20 thousand,” said Boretsky.

Michael Boretsky is already figuring out what needs to be done to get his Ferrari back to where it was.

He said his car is in much better shape than originally thought.

It was on May 8th when a 7-alarm fire heavily damaged the STORExpress warehouse on Butler Street.

Besides vehicles, antiques and motorcycles were stored inside. Many even ran their business out of the warehouse.

It’s been a slow process for people to check out their valuables due to the current structure of the building.

“It looks pretty bad, a lot of melted parts exterior,” said Bill Lape.

Bill Lape was able to drive his Mercedes SUV out of the warehouse, but after closer inspection, he noticed his vehicle was not really ready for the road and decided to haul it away to an auto body shop.

He tells KDKA he had two vehicles inside the warehouse.

“I had a car on the other side, and we were able to do the same thing. And that’s in a restoration shop so I had two Mercedes and they were both in the fire,” said Lape.