MONESSEN (KDKA) — Two dogs were locked in an upstairs room in deplorable conditions at a house in Monessen and one dog was near death.

A white pit bull named Angel, a sad coincidence considering the hell officials say she and another dog managed to live through.

“The living conditions inside of the residence in the room that the dogs were being held in were deplorable,” said Monessen Police Chief James Smith. “There was feces all over the place.”

Angel and the other dog were recently rescued after someone notified Monessen Police the animals may be in trouble.

“No one had been in the house for days and the neighbors had not seen the dogs in the area for days,” Chief Smith said they were told. “There’s been the belief the dogs had not been fed for weeks.”

The owners of the dogs are Daniel and Karen Marine Brewer, the couple was arrested separately on unrelated charges.

Daniel Brewer was taken into custody in mid-May and Karen Brewer June 17.

“They haven’t been fed for a while, those dogs had been neglected for quite some time,” Chief Smith said.

Once inside the residence, police found what they described as “profound animal neglect.”

“The white pit bull was emaciated,” Smith said. “Ribs showing through a sad state of affairs for the dog. They were locked in a room where they had no access to food or water. The dogs were to the point they were not moving.”

Police say if that neighbors had chosen to ignore the dogs there was “a good chance they starve to death.”

According to Human agents, both animals are receiving proper veterinary care and their future looks bright.