PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — In a unanimous vote, the Citizen Police Review Board Tuesday night approved a motion to hold a hearing on what policy or guidelines the city had, or will implement on alcohol consumption by undercover officers.

The paid suspensions of 4 undercover Pittsburgh Police Officers, who got into a barroom brawl with members of the Pagans motorcycle club last year, are now in their eighth month.

The fight caught on surveillance video and according to witnesses, followed several hours of the plainclothes officers consuming alcohol.

Now comes word there may have been other similar cases of undercover detectives drinking while on the job and that the city had no written alcohol policy regarding plainclothes police prior to the bar brawl.

“It’s disgraceful to have a police department the size that we have, the level of professionalism they aspire to and to have the Kopy’s brawl fight distributed around the world,” Elizabezth Pittinger, the Executive Director of the Citizen Police Review Board said. “We have a policy that says that you are not to be under the influence of alcohol whatsoever when you are on duty, but here we have four officers who were clearly consuming a lot of alcohol, and there’s nothing to say they couldn’t do that.”

Criminal charges against the four Pagans involved in the brawl were dismissed.