PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A local bar will fully devote its 80 taps to recognizing great craft beers brewed in the Pittsburgh area for the entire month of July.

Instead of traveling all over the city to find local brews, you can try out a large selection of the city’s craft beer at Mike’s Beer Bar across from PNC Park.

Mike’s Beer Bar says it usually dedicates about 30 of their taps to Pittsburgh-area beers, but in a press release, the owner, Mike Sukitch, says that’s not enough.

“A few days or a week just wasn’t enough time to recognize all the great beer being produced, so we decided to promote them the entire month of July,” he says in the press release.

Craft beer is becoming increasingly popular in Pittsburgh, and there’s just not enough time to visit all the breweries.

Nearly 200 different Pittsburgh beers are expected to make their way to Mike’s Beer Bar during the month of July.