By Pam Surano

BEAVER COUNTY (KDKA) — With all of today’s sunshine and calm, yesterday tumultuous storms are hardly a distant memory.

Many people are still dealing with the damaging aftermath of high winds, lots of rain and lines down.

In Beaver County, things are getting significantly better but there are still road closures and those without power.

One of the hardest hit areas, Lawrence County, was hit with multiple storms Thursday, Friday and Saturday and a day of sun today, helped.

“Seven inches of rain in a 24-hour period,” said Mahoning Township Fire Chief Francis Exposito.

Three consecutive days of storms left Edinburg Borough waterlogged, and with more than a dozen homes in jeopardy.

Mahoning Township’s Fire Chief says the Township will be applying for DEP funding and grants after the emergency conditions.

Mary and Ron Richman of Clay Street in Edinburg, are mother and son and have seen a lot, but nothing like this after days of flash rains.

“First time I’ve ever seen anything like this, in almost ninety years I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Mary Richman of Edinburg.

Mahoning Township, Lawrence County is praising a strong mutual aid response from six neighboring fire departments that helped pump streets and respond to three storms three days in a row.

After a significant closure, State Route 551 is back open tonight, power is back on and waterlogged homes are out of immediate danger.

Although many yards like the Richman’s still look like lakes, today’s sunshine helped dry things up a bit.

Harmony Township, Beaver County got hit hard in Saturday night’s storms, none more so the family of four on Pioneer Drive. They were displaced after a huge Pine fell on their home, punctured their roof sent the top of their chimney flying off the roof.

“Everybody brought their chain saws brought tools so everybody’s Helping,” said Tom Zanella of Harmony Township.

A community-wide cleanup will be announced soon according to township commissioners and residents can place chopped up trees and limbs curbside to be picked up and chipped.

Sylvan Road is still closed tonight as is part of Hillsdale Road near Harmony Ridge Country Club after more than thirty trees fell there.

As many as 100 people are still without power in Harmony Township and according to township officials, it may take another four days to restore everyone. Ambridge Fireworks that were canceled last night, a date they will be rescheduled is expected to be announced tomorrow.

In Washington County, the 9-1-1 center is reporting all roads are now reopened.

There are scattered smaller power outages still in Amity and Marianna as well as Donegal Township where a roof was blown off a house last night on Dry Ridge Road. Power there is expected to be restored there before Noon tomorrow.