BEAVER, Pa. (KDKA) – A strong downburst hit Beaver County over the weekend, leaving a mess for some people.

The National Weather Service said a downburst hit the Harmony Township and Ambridge area. The storm snapped trees and tore down power lines.

The symphony of chainsaws echoed out on Sylvan Road in Harmony Township on Monday. Crews went to work cleaning some of the dozens of downed trees across the area.

Harmony Township Manager Bob Villella said the neighboring communities are working together to clear debris.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

“It’s a good community,” Villella says.

“We have a lot of neighbors simply helping neighbors to address problems people aren’t used to dealing with.”

“They were good healthy trees,” Greg Nicoletti who lives on Sylvan Road says.

“It was powerful wind to do what they did.”

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He had a front-row seat to the destruction. Trees fell feet from his house and smashed the windshield of a van in his driveway. Nicoletti says the storm only lasted for a few minutes.

“The storm started kicking up a little like any other storm,” Nicoletti tells KDKA.

“Then the next thing you know, the winds are blowing hard and rain was blasting our windows.”

For the last three days, the neighborhood has been cleaning up and dealing with no power.

Troy Bigrigg lives down the street from Nicoletti. He is in day three of no air conditioning.

“My house is brick, so it’s like a pizza oven,” Bigrigg tells KDKA.

He says a utility pole and tree came to crashing down on his wife’s car.

“The telephone pole was on top of it,” he says. He says it didn’t do any damage to the car, though.

According to Villella, no one was injured during the storm. He adds that the fireworks display that was supposed to happen this past Saturday will be on Friday.

Duquesne Light said this area should have power back by now.