DUQUESNE, Pa. (KDKA) – Several people are injured after a car rear-ended another in Duquesne.

City of Duquesne Police say the accident happened around 11 this morning on State Route 837 and Commonwealth Avenue.

They say the silver Ford Explorer was stopped on Commonwealth Avenue waiting for the light to turn green when the black Chevy Impala struck the Ford from the rear.

The impact of the crash caused both cars to skid across the intersection.

(Photo Credit: City of Duquesne Police Department/Facebook)

Duquesne Police say the Chevy’s driver was trapped and needed to be rescued by the fire department.

Several people were injured, according to police, and transported to local hospitals.

(Photo Credit: City of Duquesne Police Department/Facebook)

Police say they are still investigating the accident and are working to obtain cell records for the Chevy.