PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Another new baby is almost ready to make its debut at the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium.

The Gentoo penguin chick is the first baby for parents, Prince and Mambo.

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The adorable baby penguin was officially named on Tuesday. He will be called “Iggy.”

Iggy hatched a little over a month ago and the little one’s parents are by its side at all times.

“We’re very excited because the parents of this chick are first-time parents, so obviously, first-timers, it’s hard, right,” said penguin keeper Jessica Ries. “We watch them really closely. Make sure they’re taking care of the baby. Feeding it, keeping it warm and they’ve been doing great.”

(Photo Credit: Amy Wadas/KDKA)


Zookeepers say Prince and Mambo are being very attentive to their new little one. They are feeding Iggy, snuggling and standing guard.

In fact, Iggy’s parents take turns standing with the chick, splitting care 50/50.

“Mom will stay with the baby, dad will stay with the baby, and they swap out when they need a break,” said Ries.

Right now, we don’t know if Iggy is a male or female.

“You actually can’t tell if a chick is a male or a female by looking at them. We have to do a blood test. Results have been sent out and we’re waiting for those,” said Ries.

The baby cannot swim yet. The zoo says the chick will shed its fluffy gray and white baby feathers at about 2-months-old, and then grow black and white feathers that are warm and waterproof.

“I do a swim test to make sure they can enter and exit the water safely, and then we introduce them to the exhibit,” said Ries.

(Source: Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium)

(Source: Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium)

There are other penguins kept in the holding area since penguins love to be in groups. Iggy will be full size at about two and a half months old and will be ready to be put on display in the next month for the public to see.

For more information, visit the Pittsburgh Zoo’s website at this link.