GREENSBURG (KDKA) — A woman is facing charges after investigators say she assaulted two grocery store cashiers in Westmoreland County over an order of cake and cupcakes.

Tajai McRoberts is facing charges of aggravated assault and simple assault for the incident Tuesday at Shop ‘n Save on N. Main Street in Greensburg.

(Source: Westmoreland County Jail)

According to the criminal complaint, it all started back on Sunday when the 21-year-old McRoberts went into the store to order baked goods.

Police say she paid for the cake, but did not pay for the cupcakes.

When McRoberts returned to the store on Monday to pick up her order, police say the manager confronted her about the money she owed for the cupcakes. He told her to pay and to stay out of the store in the future.

Police say she then put in another order, and went to the cash register.

At the register, police say she “berated the clerk and threatened to beat her up.”

The next day, McRoberts came back again to pick up her order, and went back to the same cashier. A second employee went to stand beside the cashier, and that’s when McRoberts allegedly threw down her receipt and began yelling.

Police say she “threatened to go outside and bring her man in to beat their [expletive].”

Police say McRoberts then punched one of the cashiers in the face twice, and then grabbed the other cashier by her hair and dragged her out of the store.

Several people in the store rushed to help the cashier and pulled McRoberts off her.

Police say they later found McRoberts and her male companion at a nearby Kindercare, where she told officers that “she hit the cashier at the Shop ‘n Save because she got in her face.”

She was arrested, but police say when they tried to put her in the cruiser, she refused to get in, and then began kicking the back of the partition window.

She is now in the Westmoreland County Jail.