SMICKSBURG, Pa. (KDKA) — Three suspects are under investigation for a methamphetamine laboratory at a house in Indiana County.

The Pennsylvania State Police announced Thursday that three suspects are currently under investigation after officials found items consistent with manufacturing methamphetamine at 49 Hardship Dr. in South Mahoning Township.

The search was conducted Monday at approximately 1:14 p.m. after police responded to the residence after receiving information about suspected methamphetamine manufacturing at the home.

Police said the suspected contraband was located inside the residence, and the scene was processed without incident.

The police announced three suspects that are currently under investigation: a 37-year-old male of Smicksburgh, Pa.; a 33-year-old male of home, Pa.; and a 30-year-old female of Penn Run, Pa.

Police said six charges are pending against the suspects, including operating a methamphetamine laboratory and illegal dumping of methamphetamine waste.

Call 1-877-PA-NODRUGS with any information or tips related to this case.