WESTMORELAND COUNTY (KDKA) — A Westmoreland County man is charged with criminal homicide after his wife was allegedly found lying in her own bodily fluids on a bed.

According to the police, Patricia Fondrk was found lying in her urine, feces and vomit at 717 Main Street in Hyde Parky in July 2017.

Her husband, Jeffery Mark Fondrk, initially told police he had no idea how his wife was injured so badly.

After a two-year investigation, troopers have filed murder counts against him.

Jeffery Fondrk told troopers he found his wife lying on the floor after coming home from work. Patricia Fondrk was taken to a local hospital and died 10 days later from injuries related to severe head trauma.

According to court records, Jeffery Fondrk told troopers on the day his wife was discovered that he never touched his wife and would never touch his wife.

Court records show that once troopers talked to him, Jeffery Fondrk admitted to pushing his wife, who fell and struck her head on a metal part of a futon in the home.

He allegedly told troopers afterwards, “I’m going to jail for life.”

Jeffery Fondrk is in the Westmoreland County Jail being held without bond and charged with criminal homicide.