PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A couple magnet fishing by the Homestead Grays Bridge pulled something pretty amazing out of the water.

Nick DiLiscia and his girlfriend Briana Higby were magnet fishing in the Monongahela River when they caught what they thought was a mortar bomb.

A viewer who is a Marine called in and stated that this is more likely an artillery shell, which was used in the 40s to 60s.

(Photo Credit: Nick DiLiscia)

The couple that found it tell KDKA they believe their catch might be connected to the B-25 Mitchell bomber that disappeared in the Mon in 1956.

The Heinz History Center’s website says the bomber landed in the Monogahela River by the Homestead Grays Bridge — then the High Level Bridge.

Photo Credit: KDKA Photographer Bryce Lutz

The crew members were rescued, but the bomber was never found, leading to conspiracy theories and an unsolved Pittsburgh mystery.