SHARONVILLE, Ohio (KDKA)– An officer’s duties are never at rest. On the way home from a weekend trip in Cinncinatti, three Pittsburgh Sheriff’s Deputies handled a domestic dispute.

Deputies Frost, Green, and Roberts took a pit-stop at a convenience store in Sharonville where they heard a woman screaming in a nearby car.

A couple was found fighting in that car when the male suspect began waving a knife around.

The group removed the man from the vehicle and disarmed him before calling the local authorities.

The unnamed female driver stated that she and her partner were arguing about him buying more alcohol due to his, at the time, level of intoxication.

Deputies reported that 38-year-old Wally Brown was heavily intoxicated and had punctured the interior of the vehicle in the ceiling, dashboard, and seat.

Police detained Brown and took him into custody. He was charged with Simple Assault and Inducing Panic.