OAKLAND (KDKA) — It was early Tuesday morning, just after 3:30 in the morning on O’Hara Street behind Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall when a woman told police a man stuck what he said was a gun in her side.

She fought off the assault and the suspect ran west on O’Hara Street, tossing the personal effects belonging to her all over as he ran.

Students say they mostly feel safe, but not all of the time.

“I feel pretty safe, for the most part, but at times it gets sketchy,” one female student said. “Maybe like, not be out super late by myself. Just the kind of stories that have been going on lately, they’re kind of scary.”

Whether there’s any connection between this incident and others in South Oakland is being investigated, but it’s prompted a statement from the University of Pittsburgh.

“We always emphasize that the safety of our students is our highest priority and we encourage students to be vigilant,” the statement read.

Assistant Pittsburgh Police Chief Thomas Stangrecki doesn’t consider Oakland to be unsafe, but common sense is a must for students and residents.

“Certainly before they leave, they should take a visual look at where they’re going to just to see who’s on the street,” he said.

He also said that people should walk with a companion when they can and remove distractions.

“Certainly with cell phones, earbuds, and so forth, that takes away hearing,” he said.