By Pam Surano

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pittsburgh police have charged two parents with a disturbing case of child abuse involving four of their young children.

There are lengthy criminal affidavits and a long list of disturbing charges against the parents involving horrible allegations against four of their children.

The two young boys and girls are ages 5 through 13 and live according to court documents, on Brightridge Street on the NorthSide.

Marc Safari and Eveline Ntahimpera according to police information abused four of their children over the past month at their home in Perry South.

This is information according to court paperwork that was disclosed to police upon doctor’s exams of the children at Children’s Hospital.

Police said one boy had welts on his legs from being hit with a stick and had burns from an iron.

Eveline, is even accused of threatening to cut the children’s hands off with a knife she’d heated over the stove.

Police said the four children all individually told doctors they were being abused at home.

Marc Safari denied the allegations but according to police, lunged at one of his daughters while meeting with Children, Youth and Families and had to be restrained.

One neighbor said she never saw any signs anything was wrong with the children and says her children played with their children.

The parents are not in custody but according to court documents the children are in foster care.

KDKA News knocked on the door a man and woman and children were all inside, they came to the door but would not answer any questions.

Police are continuing to investigate.

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