ERIE, Pa. (KDKA) – A couple who enjoys long romantic walks through Target had their engagement shoot at an Erie Target, and it was adorable.

The coupe, Aaron and Tony, were photographed by Pennsylvania-based photographer Erica Whiting.

The shoot featured the couple in all the Target hotspots — the home decor aisle, the frozen foods section and even the in-store Starbucks every Target seems to have now.

Whiting said when the couple came to her with the idea, she was totally on board.

“I think the photographs really captured the couple’s personality,” she said.

“Engagement photos should be a celebration of who you are as a couple, and they wanted images that allowed them to be themselves.”

She said she aimed to act as a “professional third wheel” to get the couple to be themselves, and she definitely hit that goal in the bullseye.

You can check out more of Erica’s work on her website, Instagram and Facebook.