PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Art aficionados will have something new to appreciate the next time they catch a flight at Pittsburgh International Airport.

That’s because the airport is now home to a large-scale work done by a local artist.

To celebrate, Blaine Siegel gave guests a tour today of “Industrial Paintings.”

He produced it during an artist residency at the airport.

He says the paintings are a collaboration with the airport’s field maintenance crew.

“From the beginning of this project, it was incredibly important that I create something that could only be created at the airport,” he said.

“Not something I could do at my studio, not something I could do at home. And that means the resources — both manpower, expertise and the materials –everything had to come from here.”

The work is hanging in the airport’s center core, featuring Pittsburgh black and gold.

Pittsburgh is one of only four airports in the world that have such artist in residency programs.