DUQUESNE, Pa. (KDKA)– Police left with more than they anticipated when they arrived at a home in Duquesne to look for a suspect connected to a crime in Pittsburgh.

Around 7 p.m. on Monday, August 5, the officers visited a home on Lincoln Ave.

The alleged suspect was not at the scene, but a 40-year-old woman who lived at the residence spoke to the police.

There was reportedly a strong odor of marijuana that led police to file for a search-warrant and investigate inside of the home.

Police seized 850 bags of suspected heroin, a few ounces of marijuana, some scales, multiple cell phones, and some cash. Authorities also found a loaded pistol and rifle with ammunition for other weapons.

The woman of the home denied that the items the officers found were hers. She also denied that any other adults lived in the home at the time.

“She further stated that she had no idea who would have had these guns or drugs in her houses. Some people (whose names she can’t recall) hangs out at the house from time to time,” Duquesne Police reported.

The woman was arrested and charged with drug violations. Her case is being reviewed for potential federal prosecution.