GREENSBURG (KDKA) — A jury has found 31-year-old Markus McGowan guilty of delivering drugs to his younger brother that ultimately killed him.

According to prosecutors, McGown sold his brother and a friend of his fentanyl, a powerful narcotic, in December of 2016.

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The woman overdosed and nearly died, while McGowan’s brother Matthew died from the drugs.

“I informed him [Markus] his brother Matthew was dead,” said Detective John Swank, the lead investigator. “Markus was upset and started crying. I told him he was suspected in the delivery of fentanyl in brother’s death.”

McGowan admitted to selling the drugs for $60, seven stamp bags in total, to his brother and his friend.

According to forensic pathologist Dr. Cyrl Wect, there was “no other possible cause of death in Matthew McGowan.”

“The autopsy toxicology report found caffeine, tobacco, Narcan and fentanyl,” he said.

McGowan awaits sentencing and faces up to 40 years in prison.