NORTH HILLS (KDKA) — A van was spotted with its passenger doors open and people hanging out of the vehicle.

The Town of McCandless Police Department said the incident happened Monday around 7:30 p.m. as a car headed towards Wexford on Route 19 in the left-hand lane.

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A vehicle behind the van captured the incident on video.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

At one point in the video, two individuals are seen hanging partially out of what looks to be either a black or silver Dodge Caravan.

Police believe they are teens.

“We have severe concerns about their safety and what was done,” McCandless Police Chief David DiSanti said.

KDKA obtained the video from the McCandless Police Department’s Facebook page before it was taken down by the driver, who posted it originally.

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It’s hard to tell by the video how many people are in the van and if they’re all teens.

One thing is for certain, police said they were traveling at a steady speed.

“We’ll investigate,” DiSanti said. “If they’re juveniles, we’ll notify their parents, and we’ll appropriately respond and react to what we have.”

Police enhanced the license plate and have some persons of interest, so they’re hoping to crack this case soon.

Police said if you see something happening, call them right away instead of sharing to social media.

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“It really gives us a better way to be able to investigate something if we get the call immediately,” DiSanti said. “Kids think they’re invincible. They don’t ever think of consequences. They just react.”