PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — When the Chicago Cubs came to PNC Park the 4th of July weekend fans from the Windy City showed up in big numbers.

With the Cubs back in town for the weekend, it is happening again.

Meanwhile down the street at Heinz Field, the Steelers are expecting pre-season Steelers fans and visitors from Kansas City.

“We have a lot of fans coming in for the first time and want to park,” said Heinz Field Communications Manager Nick Sero, “You know the parking lots will be open for the Pirates earlier and they then they’ll open up for the Steelers game.”

The same parking spot sold once to a Pirates fan and then to a Steelers fan.

The issue is the timing.

ALCO parking general manager Ralph Reetz says fans arriving for the 1:35 Pirates game will be given a flyer when they pull in.

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“The only thing different for Pirate fans is we ask as soon as the game is over that they leave to make room for Steelers fans,” he said.

The key to it working is also timing.

The Pirates game starts at 1:35 and will wrap up around 4:30ish.

The parking lots are supposed to open for Steelers fans five hours before the 7:30 kickoff.

That means Reetz says they will open to Steelers fans at 2:30 and the tailgating will begin as spaces become available.

“My advice for Steelers fans, if you come a little bit later than normal that would be the prudent thing to do,” said Reetz.

Translated that means wait until the Pirates fans leave. Arriving around five will still give you a couple of hours of tailgating before the Steelers game begins.

Speaking of the football game don’t forget the ticketing change. Hard stock season tickets are the only paper tickets allowed, otherwise its electronic ticketing only.

The ticket takers saw some issues during last week’s game.

“No screenshots, no picture of a ticket, nothing you printed at home or anyone else printed at home is going to work, it has to be on your smart device,” Sero said.

In fact, if you screenshot the constantly changing barcode on your electronic ticket the app will tell you it is not going to work.

“You shouldn’t buy anything that is a screenshot because that is probably fraudulent. It is definitely fraudulent,” Sero said.