PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It was an emotional debate Wednesday night at the Allegheny County Courthouse over whether or not Allegheny County should establish an independent police review board.

Among the people in favor was the mother of Antwon Rose.

“I want this review board not because of what happened to Antwon, but because of what happened to a lot of residents in Allegheny County,” Michelle Kenney, Antwon Rose’s mother said.

Rose was shot and killed by former East Pittsburgh police officer Michael Rosfeld in June of 2018. Rosfeld was acquitted but the shooting and subsequent controversy led to the disbanding of the East Pittsburgh Police Department.

Not everyone agreed with Kenney.

“It seems to me like there’s a great deal of oversight already,” said Sam Damarco of County Council. “I don’t understand why taking in, putting in place a board of not elected folks accountable to the people, but people that are appointed.”

The proposed board would consist of nine unpaid members nominated by the County Council and the County Executive.

It would not include anyone currently employed by law enforcement.

For Kenney, that’s with good reason.

“There is no way you can expect the police to police the police,” she said. “At the end of the day, the DA’s office and the County are police. They’re friends.”

This proposed review board would only have oversight over the Allegheny County Law Enforcement, but other municipalities could opt-in.

The council will vote on the proposal Tuesday, Aug. 27.