PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pittsburgh Police said about 19 cars were keyed near Laclede Street and Kathleen Street in Mount Washington. They believe it was all a random act of vandalism.

The damage goes all the way up the hill in that neighborhood. Neighbors don’t know who did it, and some are now footing the bill for repairs.

“I found that when I walked out here,” Maura Huggins said as she saw the damage to her car.

People woke up to the damage Thursday morning.

Wayne Hancock said, “You really want to try and have nice things, and there’s no respect.”

The side of Hancock’s truck was keyed and an expletive was scratched into his hood.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

“It’s pointless. It’s unnecessary,” Kayla Perkins said.

People found key marks along the sides of theirs cars from the front lights to tail lights.

“We saw the neighbors car, and then I walked down to catch the bus to work, and see everybody else’s car,” Perkins said as she walked down the street.

Another truck had more profanity etched into the tailgate.

“As you see, up and down the street most of the cars are fairly nice, and people take care of them,” Hancock said.

Everyone KDKA spoke with said they didn’t hear or see anyone vandalizing the cars that night. They believe it happened between 11:30 p.m. Wednesday and 6 a.m. Thursday.

One neighbor says he’s quoted at $500 to repaint his and his fiancé’s cars. Some are still working out the claims with their insurance companies.

“It’s not my fault, so it’s something that I have to take care of and should be somebody else’s problem,” Huggins said before taking off in her car.

All the neighbors along this block said the situation is a headache. They all have to spend their time cleaning up the mess of the vandal’s actions.

“It takes time now that we have to go get it done. So, yeah, it’s really inconvenient,” Perkins said.

“If they catch them, what are they going to do to them? Nothing, you know what I mean,” Hancock questioned.

Police continue to investigate.

They urge anyone with information to call the Pittsburgh Police Zone 3 station at 412-488-8326.