MCKEES ROCKS (KDKA) — A chance meet-up on Facebook between two strangers led to the gift of life for a North Side woman.

Mary Lou Hunt was near death when her husband Jack Hunt — aka local music legend Johnny Angel — put out a plea on Facebook for a liver donor four months ago.

Sarah Booz answered the call, and they celebrated with a concert in McKees Rock on Saturday.

“My wife Mary Lou had her transplant from the lovely Miss Sarah Booz, and my friends’ and all my prayers were answered,” Jack Hunt said.

While Booz remains modest about donating part of her liver, she admits she’s gotten much in return.

“I’ve gained so many family members and so many friends from all this,” Booz said. “And a lot more people know my name more than I ever would have thought.”

The concert Saturday benefited the Community Liver Alliance.

Lines formed outside the new Roxian Theatre in McKees Rocks to hear Pittsburgh bands.

“It’s going to be a fun celebration all night,” Jack Hunt said. “We may never leave.”