PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Carnegie Science Center is holding their “Invent Like da Vinci Weekend” today and Sunday.

The weekend includes immersive activities from Pittsburgh’s Inventionland, one of the largest immersive work environments in the world.

Seven different types of invention activities are available including a challenge to take everyday objects and applying creative or critical thinking to use the object for something other than its original purpose.

Those in attendance can also use scrap metal, junk, and tools to create their own invention they can take home.

Of course, because it’s an artist and inventor festival, reaching back to the days of youth is encouraged. The “10-Year-Old You Innovation” challenge encourages attendees to use post-it notes and remember what they thought the future would entail when they were 10-years-old.

Other activities include painting via finger or handprints on the “Be The Inventor” Mural, a chance to draw an ideal robot assistant and an assembly line race that teaches attendees about manufacturing by getting ping pong balls through cardboard tubes using only chopsticks.

You can learn more about Inventionland by following this link.