PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — One man is in jail and another was treated at a local hospital following a knife fight at the Wood Street T Station downtown.

The fight and stabbing happened around 10:20 p.m. along Liberty Avenue. Police say it was recorded by surveillance cameras.

(Photo Credit: KDKA Photojournalist Brian Smithmyer)

According to the criminal complaint, a woman flagged down a police officer out on patrol downtown. She told him a man had just been stabbed and was walking down Wood Street.

That victim, identified by police as Robert Jones, didn’t want to talk to the officer or cooperate in anyway. However, he later approached KDKA’s Meghan Schiller as she interviewed people outside the T station Wednesday morning.

Schiller: “Are you doing okay?”
Jones: “Yeah, I’m fine. The dude that stabbed me, I’m gonna get him myself.”

Jones didn’t want to answer any more questions and had a noticeable gash on the side of his head. He wouldn’t comment on why he came back out to the scene of the crime.

“I thought it was awkward that he’s down here, like shouldn’t you go home and lay down?” said Jeanine Smith, a bus rider.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Witnesses then told the officer that the suspect was still sitting on on benches at the bus stop on Liberty Avenue.

The officer found the suspect, identified as Calvin Moore, and asked him what happened.

(Source: Allegheny County)

The criminal complaint reports that Moore told the officer that the victim came up to him and asked him where his stuff was. Moore said he didn’t know.

According to the criminal complaint, Moore said the victim tried to punch him in the chest. Police say Moore told them he tried to defend himself by pulling out a knife.

Jones ended up with a large laceration to the left side of his head.

He was taken to UPMC Mercy Hospital where police say he still refused to cooperate.

Moore was taken in for questioning and is facing aggravated assault charges.

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Meghan Schiller