O’HARA TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — The cyclist killed on busy Freeport Road in Harmar Township yesterday was known by so many in his community.

Thomas Haykin biked that road every day on his way to and from work.

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His love of exercise and outdoor adventure inspired everyone who knew him and even those who didn’t. Tonight the community came out to remember Thomas “The Running Man” Haykin who was an inspiration by example.

Haykin was out every single day in this community: rain sleet or snow running, biking, riding motorcycles; and those who saw him say, to watch him, was to learn.

“This guy had it all,” said Rich Armentrout a coworker of Thomas Haykin.

For the man who lived his life to the limit, the remembrance for 57-year-old Thomas Haykin was also on the move.

The community came out to do some of what they had seen “The Running Man” do daily for so long.

“He was an avid cyclist, so he was going to go out there and defy the odds, right? He was a risk-taker, and it finally caught up with him.”

Tragically Haykin’s life ended doing what he loved Thursday morning. He was struck by two vans while riding his bike along Freeport Road in Harmar, Township.

For the man who never stopped, he inspired a community by his actions.

Regina Donahue didn’t know Haykin personally but she saw him running every day.

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“I think his daily dedication to do something hard, He ran up the hardest part of Powers Run every day.”

“He was visible? He was very visible doing something hard and I think when a community sees a man dedicated to doing something physically hard every day it makes a difference,”
said Regina Donahue of O’Hara Township.

They walked to Haykin’s home and the community whom he inspired, gathered in the light of the warm night on his front lawn.

“I can feel his spirit and I’m glad that people paid attention, he was really something special,” said Marti Haykin, Thomas Haykin’s sister.

Thomas Haykin, The man in motion, was brilliant. He was an actual rocket scientist and Principal Engineer at Curtis Wright working on equipment used in the US Navy ‘s nuclear vessels.

But he will be best known for his heart. Every Saturday he drove to visit his mom suffering from dementia at a Greensburg Nursing Home.

For neighbors to whom he was always lending help. and sister, the place he leaves can never be replaced.

“He took my kids to Kennywood every year for the past ten years, he is leaving a huge hole in all of our lives,” Haykin’s sister said.

Thomas Haykin’s will also be doing in death, Donations in his name are being accepted for Habitat For Humanity. Police here are urging cyclists to use as much lighting on bicycles as possible.

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County Police are investigating, their findings will be sent to the District Attorney to determine if charges will be filed.