NORWICH, Conn. (CBS Local) — Scenes of carnage, chaos and mourning in communities gripped by deadly mass shootings this summer prompted three men from Connecticut to take action.

Pastor Adam Bowles of Castle Church in Norwich recently hit the road with two friends to spread the message of love. He said they were inspired by scripture, specifically Matthew 5:41.

“To me love is strong. It’s got an edge to it. Its going to go the extra mile. The first mile you have to go but the extra mile is the one you do out of love,” Bowles told CBS affiliate WFSB.

Matthew Martinez and Bowles’ brother-in-law, Jono Wibberley, thought if one of the shooters could drive several hours to release hate on a community, they could do the same with love and coined the phrase, “Love Goes Farther.”

The trio drove 2,300 miles to Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, to hand deliver their thoughts and prayers in the aftermath of recent mass shootings.

They documented their road trip on social media, which also served as a fundraiser for the Paso del Norte Community Foundation.

“You could feel the grief,” Bowles said.

Still, the group hugged people, prayed for them and reminded them that they are loved.

Just after returning to Norwich, they got word of another deadly mass shooting — this time in Odessa, Texas. But these men are pledging to fight even harder to spread the message that love is stronger than hate.

“The feeling in my spirit was like, ‘no, you can’t let the hits knock you out,'” Bowles said.