PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A Pittsburgh man says the city owes him more than $6,500 after a salt truck driver crashed into his car.

James Gordon, 44, said his life has been extremely frustrating for the last eight months.

He claims the city owes him more than $6,500 in car repairs after the driver of a city salt truck backed into his car in Brookline at the intersection of Bellaire Place and Birchland Street.

The alleged incident happened Jan. 18, around 11:30 p.m.

Gordon said he heard a loud crash from inside his sister’s house, and the salt truck driver knocked on the door and asked if Gordon was the owner of the Audi he had just hit.

“He took out the door, took out a mirror, big gorge on side of the car,” Gordon said. “You could see the inner door panel, both windows were smashed. He called his supervisor. His supervisor came down and started the paperwork, handed me a blue piece of paper with all of the information I would need to go to the city-county building to start the process.”

But Gordon says the process hit a snafu.

“I’ve made multiple attempts to call,” Gordon said. “I keep getting different stories. One time it was in a pile where it should not have been. Another time, ‘I forgot to sent you a letter’ and city council is out, they need to vote on this and sign off.”

KDKA learned from the mayor’s office Friday that city council does indeed have to give the final nod on payment to Gordon.

The bill will be presented this month and if approved, Gordon should have his check in a few weeks.

“That would be awesome,” Gordon said. “At this point, I believe it when I see it. It would be great.”

Meanwhile, Gordon has begun repairing his car himself.