PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Through his tumultuous departure from Pittsburgh, through his rocky time in Oakland, Steelers fans have closely watched the Antonio Brown Saga.

Fans on Monday reacted to the name Antonio Brown with these exclamations: “Oh boy,” “controversy” and “jerk”.

And there were these comments: “It’s pretty much a childish thing he’s having temper tantrums.”

After his spats and fines with the Raiders management, Brown asked for his release from Oakland and his guaranteed millions of dollars.

“Maybe he’s not getting enough sleep and he’s not thinking up there,” one fan said pointing to his own head.

“He’s gone a little coo-coo lately,” one woman responded.

To put it bluntly, Steelers fans are fed up with the Antonio Brown Drama.

“I think he could do better,” Antoinette Brown from East Stroudsburg says.

“A little bit immature but he feels like he’s a good player and he feels like he has the upper hand.”


Tony Duckett from Penn Hills says Brown used to be a model superstar Steeler, but “then he started having those concussions. I’m wondering if there’s some CTE going on.”

“I think it’s one controversy after another after another,” says Shawn Lester of Homestead. “He just doesn’t know when to stop.”

Within hours of Brown’s release from Oakland came word he will be signing with the Patriots. Brown labeled the move on Twitter as “God’s Plan.”

“He is acting like an a**hole now,” says Lisa Johnson from the Southside. “His head is too big for me.”

Lester believes Brown will have to deflate his head to make it in Boston.

“They’re not going to put up with that in New England at all,” Lester says.

There are those who believe Brown orchestrated the Oakland meltdown and release as a way to get to New England.

The Patriots were Brown’s first choice when the Steelers were looking to trade him but the Steelers refused the Pat’s offer.

John Tippins of Sewickley says, “If so, it’s worked out well for him and we’ll see what happens.”

Antoinette Brown says, “I think the Patriots picked up a good player so I think this is going to be a big win for the Patriots.”

Tippins says at least Brown wasn’t in a Patriots uniform for last night’s pounding of the Steelers.

“Just think what the score would have been had he been playing for the other side,” Tippins says.