PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It’s was a special day at the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium as some of the actors touring with Disney’s “The Lion King” musical got to meet some of the zoo’s cutest residents.

“The Lion King” is playing at the Benedum Center now through Sept. 29.

Four of the actors from the show — including Kolin Jerron, Christopher L. McKenzie Jr. and Courtney Thomas — visied the zoo today to meet the Masai giraffes at the Giraffe Outlook.

“This is such a dream,” Thomas said.

“I have never — never have I touched a giraffe, so this is a big deal,” Thomas added.

WATCH: Giraffe Meet & Greet!

The show’s dancers also joined the actors Friday for the up close and personal meeting with the giraffes.

When Jordan Samuels earned a part in the hit Broadway show, he never thought this would be part of his traveling experience.

“I just wanted to be in the show,” said Samuels. “As a hungry young actor, young artist, I just build my resume and involve myself with as many creatives and talented people.”

Tim Hutton is a keeper at the Pittsburgh Zoo who works with the giraffes every day.

He spent about 30 minutes with the actors, teaching them all about the long-necked African giants.

“They actually had a lot of really good questions,” Hutton said. “I have heard a lot of different kinds of questions, but they had a lot of good questions.”

(Photo Credit: Rick Dayton/KDKA)

The Pittsburgh Zoo has one male and one female giraffe.

The actors and dancers who play giraffes in the production said the 18-foot-tall male is larger than life.

“He is so majestic,” Jerron said. “He is so tall. He is beautiful. He knows his surrounds. He knows his people. He loves hanging out with us.”

McKenzie said hanging out with Hutton and the giraffes will change his approach, starting tonight.

“When you learn the show, they do have videos playing in the background and you can kind of get ideas,” McKenzie said. “But it’s even better after doing it so long that you get to kind of see the real actual live animal.

For tickets to “The Lion King” at the Benedum Center, visit the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s website at this link.