PITTSBURGH (KDKA)–Looking to show off your Steelers pride just in time for Sunday’s home opener?

You can celebrate the return of football at the Steelers Fan Fest at Heinz Field.

Fans will have access to the Great Hall inside Heinz Field so they can pose with the six Lombardi trophies.

You can take in the terrible towel wall while eating some of your favorite game day food.

Former Steelers Willie Parker, Jermaine Truman and Aaron Smith as well as some current players will be on hand for meet and greets with the fans.

Outside Heinz Field on Art Rooney Avenue you can try your hand at a zipline.

A car show, live entertainment and plenty of music will round out the fun, followed by a free concert at Stage A-E.

The festivities get underway at 2 p.m. today.

· 2 p.m.: Fan Fest opens
Pitt vs. Penn State on the big screen outside
· 3 p.m.: Player Meet and Greet #1
· 3 p.m.: Vertigo Red on Art Rooney Ave. Stage
· 4 p.m.: Angelica Hale on Art Rooney Ave. Stage
· 4 p.m.: Player Meet and Greet #2
· 5 p.m.: Player Meet and Greet #3
· 6 p.m.: Stage AE Outdoors doors open
· 7 p.m.: The Hawkeyes at Stage AE Outdoors
· 8 p.m.: Robert Randolph and the Family Band

(Player meet-and-greet availability and schedule subject to change)