EDGEWOOD (KDKA) — A memorial now sits at the site where police believe a man used an explosion and fire to kill himself on his daughter’s wedding day.

Police believe the fire was started by the homeowner on the 300 block of Garland Street on Saturday after the explosion destroyed his home and damaged a neighbor’s home.

Investigating were on the scene Sunday sifting through the rubble.

Police believe the man disconnected the gas line and started the fire.

“It’s weird that it’s on such a quiet street,” one neighbor said. “I’ve lived here for five years and nothing like this has ever happened. But also in today’s world, it’s kind of not surprising.”

The man’s body was found in the ruins, police said. His car was found with apparent suicide notes in the vehicle.

Officials are calling the fire suspicious.

One police officer was injured, officials said. The Edgewood police chief tells KDKA’s Chris Hoffman that the injured officer broke his wrist.

Police said they had been to the residence before for domestic issues relating to mental illness.