PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Sorry Sheetz fans: Wawa has been declared the best gas station coffee brand in Pennsylvania.

A study done by GasBuddy reveals that when it comes to the best gas station coffee, over 2 million ratings point to Wawa.

(Photo Credit: GasBuddy)

Not only did Wawa take home the title as best gas station coffee in Pennsylvania, but it also won in Delaware, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia.

Sheetz was looking a little worse. It was only the highest-rated coffee in North Carolina, West Virginia and Ohio.

The epic Sheetz versus Wawa rivalry is almost as good as the Steelers versus Eagles and Penguins versus Flyers match-ups.

Not only does Wawa have better coffee than Sheetz, Food and Wine says Wawa has the best fast food in the state.

“There are sports rivalries, and then there are the regional convenience store rivalries that are a very real thing to Pennsylvanians,” the magazine said when it weighed in on the controversy.