PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Sorry Sheetz fans: Wawa has been declared the best gas station coffee brand in Pennsylvania.

A study done by GasBuddy reveals that when it comes to the best gas station coffee, over 2 million ratings point to Wawa.

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(Photo Credit: GasBuddy)

Not only did Wawa take home the title as best gas station coffee in Pennsylvania, but it also won in Delaware, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia.

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Sheetz was looking a little worse. It was only the highest-rated coffee in North Carolina, West Virginia and Ohio.

The epic Sheetz versus Wawa rivalry is almost as good as the Steelers versus Eagles and Penguins versus Flyers match-ups.

Not only does Wawa have better coffee than Sheetz, Food and Wine says Wawa has the best fast food in the state.

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“There are sports rivalries, and then there are the regional convenience store rivalries that are a very real thing to Pennsylvanians,” the magazine said when it weighed in on the controversy.