LATROBE (KDKA) — For the 17th time Kathe Gross was back a Unity Cemetary in Westmoreland County to search the area for signs of her missing daughter Cassandra.

“With my last breath, I’ll be doing this, that’s my daughter,” she said.

Cassandra Gross was missing for 18 months before she was declared legally dead. Her estranged boyfriend Thomas Stanko is a person of interest in the case but has never been charged.

He remains jailed on unrelated charges.


Kathe Gross praised State Police for working hard on the case and she believes that Stanko will one day be charged for the murder.

“I am certain about that, it’s coming body or no body,” she said.

In the meantime, they’re returning to the woods near the cemetery and not far from Stanko’s family property.

She is getting help from a group called “Private Angels” who use prayer and psychic ability to help find people.

A paranormal expert is also getting involved.

“Anything is worth a try, anything, at this point,” Kathe Gross said.

Tammie Klingensmith, a relative, said they have new information on an area to search.

“This is the second child they lost, this is their only daughter, the parents are both ill and I would like to give them closure before anything else happens,” she said.

“I know what she looks like right now, but I still want to find her and bury her with my son,” Kathe said.