PITTSBURGH (KDKA)– The case was one of the first in the country, spotlighting online predators who target young girls.

In 2002, it garnered national attention and triggered an f-b-i manhunt.

Alicia Kozakiewicz was 13 years old when she disappeared from her home in Crafton Heights.

She met 38-year-old Scott Tyree, of Virginia, online.

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Tyree traveled all the way to Pittsburgh where he abducted her and held her hostage inside the basement of his home in Herndon.

Throughout her captivity, Alicia was chained by her neck, sexually assaulted, and tortured via live-stream.

That same year, someone recognized her from missing person posters and notified the police and several days later Alicia came home.

Tyree was sentenced to jail and spent 17 years behind bars in North Carolina.

After his sentence, he was paroled and transferred to a half-way house in Pittsburgh, that was surprisingly just four miles from Alicia’s parent’s home in Crafton Heights.

Alicia and her family complained about his release in the Pittsburgh area over fears he might victimize them again.

During his time at the halfway house, Tyree visited pornographic websites, which is a violation of his parole.

Today, a judge revoked his probation and sentenced him for that parole violation.

He will now spend two more years behind bars.