PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – While Pittsburghers wanted a break from the unseasonable heat, we probably didn’t want this big of a break.

According to statistics from the National Weather Service, there’s a 50 percent chance Pittsburgh will see its first frost by Saturday.

The National Weather Service posted the list of average first frosts in multiple cities, including Pittsburgh.

Their data says 10 percent of the years will have a first frost by Sept. 21, 50 percent by Oct. 5 and 90 percent by Oct. 19.

We won’t be seeing snow, but there’s a 50/50 chance it’ll get frosty this weekend.

Either way, there’s a huge chance Pittsburgh’s first frost is approaching this month, which matches the first day of fall-like weather the city is having Friday.

After days of record-breaking warm temperatures, a cold front is sweeping through the area. It will bring the coldest weather Pittsburgh has seen in months.

Photo Credit: KDKA Weather Center

The last time Pittsburgh saw temperatures in the 30s was April 29.

Temperatures will fall below 40 on Saturday, but not for long.

Highs on Friday will struggle to get over 60 with Pittsburgh’s high at 63.