ROSS TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Four juveniles didn’t know they were being recorded when they stopped in a driveway and broke into a pickup truck on Jacks Run Road.

One of them found an unlocked door and they began rummaging through the truck.

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Michel’le Schwartzmier received a call from her neighbor who also was a victim of a break-in.

“My neighbor called my son to ask us to check our car because his car had just been broken into and he said ‘I see the guys on the street and I think they might have been in your driveway too,'” she recalled.

It happened Saturday night around 11:00 p.m. and she said the juveniles acted like they didn’t care if anyone was watching.

“Three of them kind of stood on the street very nonchalantly while the other one went into the driver side door and started searching around with the dome light on and everything and started searching around for whatever they could find,” she said.

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They got away with loose change and other minor items. They also found unlocked vehicles in two other driveways along Jacks Run Road.

Then when they moved on to Connie Drive around the corner looking for more vehicles before they were arrested.

“We called the police immediately and so did my next-door neighbor who had originally alerted us and Ross Township Police did go down Connie Drive looking for them, so I don’t know how many houses they hit before the police were able to find three of them out of the four,” Schwartzmier.

Police have not said how many cars were burglarized and they are looking for a fourth suspect.

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They are also reminding residents to lock their cars when they park outside.