PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Another delay is impacting the opening of a new horror attraction coming to Pittsburgh.

The ScareHouse Scream District on Penn Avenue in the Strip District was scheduled to open Friday after an initial delay, but the opening has been delayed again.

The creators say they were issued building permits by the city just last week to update the building with a rear exit and ADA accessible bathrooms.

“Before we even moved in in June, we recognized that we were going to have to do a couple of upgrades to the building, mostly involving the front and back door and the bathrooms,” said ScareHouse co-owner Scott Simmons. “We submitted for those permits in early August, and we expected the process to take a little longer than usual given that we’re in the city of Pittsburgh, given that there’s so much stuff going on. But not getting an actual building permit until October has really put us behind the curve.”

Once the updates are made to the building, the Pittsburgh Department of Permits, Licenses and Inspections must inspect the property before the facility can open for the season.

The creators hope to open Oct. 18.

“The life safety elements of this site are challenging, as by its very nature it is supposed to be dark and confusing for patrons,” said Tim McNulty, director of communications for Mayor Bill Peduto’s Office, via e-mail. “PLI is making sure the exits and entrances meet life safety standards in the event of an emergency.”

To make up for missed time, the attraction will be open into November.