30 Percent Of Proceeds Go To Spenser's Voice Fund

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Yinzer chocolate bars were so popular they sold out in just 24 hours after hitting shelves, with 30 percent of the proceeds going to a good cause.

The candy bar, which is a Sarris chocolate bar wrapped in a Yinzer-style wrapper, hit 10 local Giant Eagles this week.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

The Yinzer chocolate bars were also available at Laurie’s Hallmark Stores and the Heinz History Center, joining the Yinzer cards on the shelves.

The cards benefit Animal Friends. The chocolate bars will tackle a problem plaguing Pittsburgh communities by supporting an organization called Spenser’s Voice Fund.

Thirty percent of the proceeds go towards Spenser’s Voice Fund, which was established by a local family who lost their son to heroin. The fund works to fight the drug epidemic in young adults.

The newly launched bars were so popular, they only lasted on the shelves for one day.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

To meet the high demand, about a thousand new bars were turned out overnight and are now heading to the stores to replace the sold-out Yinzer bars, but first they have to wait for more labels to be made.

Around 2,500 labels are expected at Sarris by Tuesday. After that, they’ll keep selling chocolate bars until they run out of labels.

The current labels are reportedly only the first phase. New labels with new sayings and pictures will be produced, and as the holidays approach, there will be themed labels as well.

Requests for the Yinzer bars are coming in from all over Pennsylvania, and even out of state from places like New England and Columbus.